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Darkness Manifestation

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Darkness Manifestation

Post by Xemnas on Sat Jul 06, 2013 9:14 pm

Very much like the Guardian that Ansem, Seeker of Darkness uses as his primary weapon, a Manifestation of Darkness is a technique employed by the Heartless and, very rarely, Dark Keyblade Masters such as Xehanort. It is a technique which calls upon the Darkness within a being and giving it form.

While the Guardian is an example, it is not a limitation. The Manifestations of Darkness are unique to each and every Heartless, having their own name and purpose, as well as special abilities. They are powerful assets for the Heartless that has created them.

To obtain this ability, you must have at least 750 exp. You do not need to train to learn how to obtain this ability, however, as it will come naturally to those of sufficient power and self-awareness.

Manifestations usually appear in one of three basic forms. A weapon, a shield, and a guardian. For weapons, they maintain their shape and form indefinitely and empower their wielder. For shields, they are temporary, but powerful barriers created to defend the user, but can also be used offensively in some measure. Lastly, guardians are intelligent manifestations that will support their user so long as they remain close enough together. (These are merely examples to help you come up with an idea.)

In all cases, Darkness Manifestations have two unique abilities, which can be used normally, and one Special Ability, which can only be used every five posts. These abilities are handy and can come in any form, from combat techniques to passive advantages.

To learn more about Darkness Manifestations, refer to the Manifestations Template.
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