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Magicka Mastery

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Magicka Mastery

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 11:57 am

Magicka is a force in Kingdom Hearts that allows the casting of spells and the infusion of magical abilities into certain combat techniques. It is a reality-disrupting force that many across the Worlds utilize to their advantage.

There are four known stages of magicka evolution. Level 1 spells are weak but fast to use, and don't require as much power to use them. Level 2 are more powerful, but therefore more costly. Level 3 are greatly powerful, but quite draining and long to cast. Level 4 magic is impossible to all but the most trained magicians.

Level One
Level One magicka is leveled up by one point for every spell cast in the current combat instance, up to a maximum of ten points gained per topic. You are required to gain up to fifty (50) points to level up to the second stage.

Level Two
Upon reaching the second stage of magicka, you are able to infuse a specific element of your choice into your weapon, and half of your current magicka slots can be leveled up. If you have two magicka slots, one can become a level two magicka spell. It works in chains, to get Fira, you need Fire.

Empty slots can be used to gain level two magicka that has no level 1 equivalent. You retain the use of your level one magicka if you upgrade it to its level two version. Meaning, you would have both Fire and Fira available for use.

To level up from Level Two magicka, you must use Level Two Spells to gain points towards Level Three. For every Level Two spell used, you gain a point, up to a max of ten per topic. You require fifty (50) points to reach Level Three.

Level Three

Upon reaching level three magicka, half of your level two magicka slots can be upgraded. Essentially, if you have four magicka slots base, two of them are capable of being upgraded to level two, and one is capable of being upgraded to level three. The same rules in Level Two magicka apply here as well. You are furthermore capable of creating a shield, cloak, or other accessory that is resistant to a specific type of magic, be it light, dark, fire, water, etc.

For every time you use a Level Three spell, you gain a point towards mastering level three magicka. You require twenty (20) points to master, and upon mastering, are givn a level three magicka slot. The additional slot is strictly for level three spells, and you do not gain the level two or one versions of the spell you choose.

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Progenitor of the Unversed

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Re: Magicka Mastery

Post by Jaixe on Tue Apr 29, 2014 3:00 pm

Overhauled Magicka System.
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Admin: Quantum_Rain

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