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Heartless Exclusive Techniques

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Heartless Exclusive Techniques

Post by Jaixe on Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:00 pm

Basic Techs:

Morph: The Heartless will flatten into the ground and move about, unable to be attacked but unable to attack in return. It uses this ability to flank its enemies.

Revive: The Heartless is capable of reviving fallen comrades of equal or lesser power, keeping their numbers constant in battle. (Can only be used once every other post, on one ally Heartless.)

Object Possession: The Heartless is able to transmit its will to a nearby object, taking possession of it for a short period of time while also retaining their physical form still. (Possession lasts for two posts.)

Dark Missile: The heartless focuses a sphere of energy into their hands and from it they launch a volley of dark homing missiles. The missiles track and crash into their target, staggering and lightly damaging them. If the target is hit with nearly all of them, it causes a detonation of energy.

Energy Rain: The heartless creates a sphere of energy and launches it into the sky. The result is a rain of energy missiles which fall down randomly, each causing a small detonation as they hit the ground.

Advanced Techs:

Energy Storm: The user creates three orbs of energy, rotating around their hand, and then casts forward a hail of energy missiles at their targets, each bolt originating from one of the orbs. In total, a number of fifty bolts is created.
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