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Heartless Horde Control

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Heartless Horde Control

Post by Jaixe on Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:54 pm

Heartless Horde: General Information:

This is another natural ability that is attained when a Heartless has reached the twelfth rank of Master of Shadows, and is further upgraded at rank thirteen, Seeker of Darkness. It is the ability to gradually gather and control a much larger group of Heartless for the purposes of invading the Realm of Light.

It takes a topic of at least ten posts, spread across a number of in-game days, to gather such a force together, and this ability cannot be used in combat either, but the Heartless that are gathered can be featured in-combat using your Heartless character's Swarm abilities. Your army will consist of weaker, low-level Heartless with a few high-level and even one or two boss-level Heartless mixed in.

If your army is destroyed or successful, and you have to recreate another, you must wait a week, in real time, before starting such again. Furthermore, you must partake in other stories and places before creating another army to invade with.

Masters of Shadow can only command and control an army of five-hundred Heartless, while Seekers of Darkness can control a thousand. Given the limitations above, once a Heartless has been taken control of by a Master of Shadow or a Seeker of Darkness, at least half of the army must be destroyed for parts of the other half to be affected by or taken control of by the will of a rival. This limits another rival Master or Seeker from interfering so greatly, while still retaining to canonical rules.

While you might have Rival Seekers and Masters, you may also have allies in this endeavor. Multiple Masters and Seekers can combine their armies to create a much larger force than before. By combining your armies, you increase your chances of successfully invading a world in the Realm of Light.

Heartless Invasions:

Once you have gathered your army, you may raid any planet without warning at any time, or use the force you have for whatever purpose you see fit. Take note that, just because you have an army, you can't kill a player character by creating a raid event. The no-killing rule still applies as always.

After your army is either successful, repelled, or otherwise destroyed or defeated, you will be forced to make another to cause another raid or siege event. Just because you win doesn't mean you get to continue your rampage.

World Destruction:

In the event of a victory, and the world heart being swallowed, the world itself will be shrouded in Darkness for a time. The world will remain for a day after the raid's success, as it breaks apart and slowly begins to slumber in the darkness. After that day, the world will become inaccessible to any players, unless they were to traverse the Realm of Darkness and stumble upon its fragments there.

In-Combat Use:

Heartless Horde Control is also useful in combat. When you have an army to call upon, it can affect your ability to summon Heartless into the battlefield you are currently occupying. In essence, your Heartless Swarm ability is modified to allow you to summon Heartless TWICE rather than the original once. All other limitations still apply.
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