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Heartless: Black Sorceress

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Heartless: Black Sorceress

Post by Jaixe on Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:11 pm

Name: Black Sorceress
Species: Pureblood
Residing World: Keyblade Graveyard, Enchanted Dominion, Hollow Bastion, End of the World
Power Level: 300
Tier Level: Three

Andsports Deviantart Page

Energy Claws - When the Heartless strikes, energy shoots out of her claws for a split moment, adding to the range and lethality of her strikes.


Revive: The Heartless is capable of reviving fallen comrades of equal or lesser power, keeping their numbers constant in battle.

Energy Rain: The heartless creates a sphere of energy and launches it into the sky. The result is a rain of energy missiles which fall down randomly, each causing a small detonation as they hit the ground.

Energy Storm: The user creates three orbs of energy, rotating around their hand, and then casts forward a hail of energy missiles at their targets, each bolt originating from one of the orbs. In total, a number of fifty bolts is created.

Shadow Strikes: Swiping with her hand forward, the Heartless creates a mass of black shadows on the ground in front of her for eight meters. Three-meter tall black energy spikes launch forth into the sky in the targeted area before retracting as the black mass fades. The attack, all around, takes thirty-seconds until completion.

Shadow Slice: The Heartless strikes in the air, creating a line of darkness. It slices up to seven times before waves of shadowy energy launch from the lines, tracking the intended target(s) and intending to crash into them. Upon contact, the energy wave detonates.

Spike Claws: With her hand held outward and flat, the Heartless launches shadowy claws from her hand at a rate of twenty-spikes per second per hand. This requires her to be stationary, however.

Fira: Sends a sizable sphere of flame straight forward, cutting straight through enemies in a path.

Blizzard: Launches a trio of ice shards at a target. It can be re-used in a chain up to twice by the Heartless.

Thunder: The Heartless calls down two bolts of lightning onto a specific target, slow re-use.

A calm and collected Heartless usually found leading packs of other Heartless. This one is a magic wielder of unusual talent, utilizing the shadows against her opponents while forcing them to deal with her much weaker minions. It also has the ability to use more common spells, such as Fira or Blizzard, denoting that this Heartless is capable of learning new abilities. This type of Heartless seems more than capable of intelligent thought, though how much is uncertain.
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