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Heartless: Starless Drake

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Heartless: Starless Drake

Post by Jaixe on Mon Apr 28, 2014 5:42 pm

Name: Starless Drake
Species: Pureblood
Residing World: Any/All
Power Level: 130 EXP
Tier Level: Two

Fourth-Star Deviantart Page

Sharp-Toothed Maw
Spike-Clawed Feet


Shadow Beam: The lantern on the dragon's tail glows brightly just before a beam of violent, shadowy energy launches out of its mouth towards a target. It has a range of six meters and a width of two.

Shadow Charge: The dragon sprints towards a target, aiming to headbutt it. It is coated in shadowy energy as it sprints at an incredible speed. It must wait a second before charging for the energy to coat it, giving the target a warning at the very least.

Energy Stomp: The drake leaps into the air and aims itself towards its target. Upon landing on the targeted area, it creates a wave of energy from where it landed, damaging those around the dragon if they avoided the first attack. The wave spreads to about a meter from where the dragon landed.

This large lizard-like Heartless has a powerful, deadly breath and an impeccable speed. It is fast and lethal in its attacks, but not that maneuverable. It also lacks the ability to fly or glide, but has a superb jumping capability, which it also utilizes in some of its attacks. Its sharp teeth and feet make it deadly to unarmored opponents, so one is wise to keep out of range of its mouth.
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