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Heartless: Enraged Reaver

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Heartless: Enraged Reaver

Post by Jaixe on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:20 pm

Name: Enraged Reaver
Species: Emblem
Residing World: Any/All
Power Level: 500 EXP
Tier Level: Four

Mark-MrHiDE-Patten Deviantart Page

Red Claws
Sharp Jaws - The Reaver has multiple mouths and teeth to not just grab its opponent, but devour them and cut them apart with. The most dangerous ones are the jaws in its arms.


Ruby Flare: The Reaver charges a sphere of red energy within one of the mouths of its arms. When it is fully charged, it unleashes the attack in a sweeping beam, literally charring the ground and whatever target it comes into contact with. The beam's range extends up to ten meters, and is two meters wide.

Scarlet Sparks: The Reaver roars and unleashes a wave of red bolts upon a target from its primary mouth. It launches them at a rate of thirty per second, with the bolts lightly detonating when it collides with a hard surface or target.

Rufescent Blaze: The Reaver becomes enraged, creating black and red barriers of flame around itself. It charges at target(s) at random, sprinting towards it while striking with its arms. The barrier of fire is meant to prevent counterattacks, and is intense enough to burn whatever comes into contact with it. This ability lasts for three posts.

Frenzied Quakes: The Reaver plants itself into the ground and stabs its arms into the ground as well, creating a barrier of black and red fire around itself as it does so. From the ground, the jaws in his arm strike up, erupting from the ground, one after another. The claws are coated in black and red energetic flames when it strikes, repulsing a target and burning them upon contact. These flames erupt from where the claw will launch from, giving limited warning beforehand. This ability lasts two posts.

Raging Pyres: The Reaver roars and stomps on the ground, creating pillars of black and red flames around a twenty-meter area around itself. It only utilizes this ability when it has been damaged significantly enough. The pillars shoot up and fade, with another shooting up elsewhere. Only seven pillars can exist at any point in time, and the area they launch up from will grow dark a moment before it spontaneously combusts into a three-meter tall pillar of fire. The ability lasts for four posts, and the Reaver is immune to the flames.

The terrifyingly massive Dark Reaver is a type of Heartless that hunts its prey and eviscerates them. Devouring them whole before taking away their heart. It is ruthless, violent, and extremely aggressive. It has even been known to assault other Heartless out of rage... It is an instinctual beast that is hard to control and will relentlessly assault its prey, whatever it may be.
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