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Heartless: Cursed Rose

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Heartless: Cursed Rose

Post by Jaixe on Mon Apr 28, 2014 7:54 pm

Name: Cursed Rose
Species: Emblem Heartless
Residing World: Traverse Town, Twilight Town, Agrabah, Wonderland, Halloween Town
Power Level: 275
Tier Level: Three

Mark-MrHiDE-Patten Deviantart Page

Sharp Teeth
Sharp Legs


Rose Baragge: The Heartless launches its black and red petals from behind its head at a target. The petals are quite durable, thick, and heavy, either crashing and digging into the ground after being launched, or smashing its intended target. Thirteen petals are what is launched, and they return to the Heartless after crashing onto the ground.

Perennial Tempest: The Heartless screeches as its petals break away into smaller, red rose petals. The rose petals circle about the Heartless before launching waves of spiraling petals at a target. The petals themselves slice at the opponent, circling around them before fading away. Five waves are launched from the larger cyclone before it is used up. It takes the Heartless two posts to regenerate its petals and use this ability again.

Thorned Reprisal: When the Cursed Rose is attacked, and has already taken a substantial amount of damage, it generates thorns around its body. The thorns, when the Heartless is struck, launch out in a wide barrage against the attacker(s). It regenerates these thorns after three posts.

Budding Volley: The Heartless launches rose buds from its mouth, which grow after a time before exploding and launching thorns in a two-meter radius around itself. The Heartless launches four of these, and the buds detonate one post afterwords. The bud themselves are very durable, precluding the ability to destroy them before they detonate without using a powerful magic or ability. The explosion the buds unleash pertains to the area directly around themselves, while the thorns are limited as stated above, and can be blocked.

Star-Crossed Bloom: The petals behind the Heartless's head glow brightly as it roots itself into the ground and root-like spikes shoot up to defend itself. The petals start releasing pearls of energy like pollen, charging up its attack. The energy collects in a wide area above the Cursed Rose, encompassing a twenty-meter circular area. From the energy cloud, golden spiked-roots shoot downward at targets, energy visibly collecting a moment before the spikes launch downward. The assault lasts for three posts, or until twenty spikes have impaled the ground below.

A large, moving Heartless plant that is a more evolved version of its normal, immobile kin. It is considerably more dangerous and aggressive, but not particularly fast. One should be more afraid of its area-of-effect attacks and remarkable durability, however. It doesn't appear to be the brightest Heartless, and doesn't coordinate well with its kin, though it has been found to be surrounded by other Heartless plants usually.
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