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Usable Magicka & Abilities

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Usable Magicka & Abilities

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 3:07 am

Level 1 Magicka
Fire: Unleashes flames to incinerate foes, inflicting Fire-type damage; however, the specific execution of the spell differs with every User.

Blizzard: appears as a projectile; however, the specific execution and effects of the spell differ between users.

Thunder: Summon lightning bolts from the sky to rain down on enemies.

Cure: Allows the user to recover from attacks, or whoever they target with it to recover. (Only usable 4 times in combat.)

Aero: Unleashes gusts of wind; however, the specific effects differ between users.

Gravity: Forms a miniature event-horizon that  attempts to crush their target. (Only usable 3 times in combat.)

Reflect: Utilizes the element of Light and act like an offensive shield that protects its caster from all angles and quickly counterattacks surrounding enemies with a spray of light.

Slow: slows down an oppenents movements and attacks. (Only usable 5 times in combat.)

Esuna: Removes negative effects such as Slow and Poison. (Only usable 3 times in combat.)

Poison: allows the user to poison surrounding enemies and cause them to take continual damage. (Lasts for 2 posts.) (Only usable 2 times in combat.)

Level 2 Magicka
Fira: Sends a ball of flame straight forward, cutting straight through enemies.

Blizzara: Falls straight down until it either dissapates or makes contact with an enemy.

Thundara: Creates a field around the character wherein multiple lightning bolts shoot down, attacking friend and foe alike.

Cura: Restores a small amount of your HP over time, with the possibility of complete recovery. (Only usable 2 times in combat.)

Aerora: Improved Aero, with slight attack boost.

Zero Gravira: Instead of crushing the opponent, they fling them into the air. (Only usable 2 times in combat.)

Dark barrier: A darkness-based shield that stops attacks and can also knock away people attempting to physically strike the barrier. Is focused in front of the user and requires a short window of time to create.

Barrier: Allows for a single all sides block, you cannot counter attack from using this magicka. (Usable 2 times in combat.)

Level 3 Magicka
Firaga: Flies up and then down in an arc, with slight enemy seeking capability, then explodes on contact.

Blizzaga: When cast, becomes a mine that stays in place and explodes.

Thundaga: A giant bolt of lightning that hits twice, first as the bolt itself, then as a secondary radial attack from the epicenter.

Curaga: Creates an Recovery Field where you and your partners can recover over time if you stand in it. (Lasts for 2 posts.) (Only usable once in combat.)

Aeroga: Improved version of Aerora, adding more power to the magicka.

Zero Graviza: functions similarly to Zero Gravity, with the added benefit of dragging all enemies affected toward the user.(Only usable once in combat.)

Progenitor of the Unversed
Progenitor of the Unversed

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Re: Usable Magicka & Abilities

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:01 pm

Basic Abilities:
Slapshot - When facing more than one enemy, you swing your Weapon in a high arc and finish with a upward thrust.

Sliding Dash - With a quick glide you pull yourself close to the enemy and damage them

Round Break - A spinning slash attack meant to lightly hit many nearby enemies.

Guard Break - A powerful but slow attack meant to break through an opponent's guard.

Blade Bash - A block which allows the user to push back their opponent fiercely, knocking them back.

Slide - using a burst of speed, close with the enemy or evade an attack.

Quick Blitz - Perform a fast jumping attack.

Knock - a smashing attack that can knock an opponent into the air on a direct hit

Advanced Abilities:
Blitz - Strikes enemies ahead of you with a powerful combo.

Vortex - Closes the distance to enemies with a high velocity spinning attack.

Ars Arcanum - A devastating and formidable attack that should be followed up with a combo.

Stun Impact - allows the user to gather energy and unleash it a large burst to stun nearby foes, bosses excluded

Finishing leap - drives your weapon into the ground, creating a shockwave that launches yourself and nearby enemies into the air.

Reversal - Slides around an opponent at close range, quickly getting view of their back.

Superior Abilities:
Ripple Drive - With a vertical flip you strike nearby enemies.  (best utilized in the air)

Sonic Blade - Slash at a enemy while rush into past them.

Strike Raid - Hurling your Weapon at you opponent then following up with a combo.

Hurricane Blast - From an aerial combo, unleash an extremely powerful finishing combo attack to the enemy below.

Ragnarok - From an aerial position, unleashes a hail of small energy bullets that home in on targets.

Dark Wave - A dark-elemental attack that begins with the user charging dark energy then releasing it in a strike that spreads outward in dark flames. Takes a portion of the user's vitality in exchange for releasing a devastating attack.

Progenitor of the Unversed
Progenitor of the Unversed

Male Posts : 45
Join date : 2013-07-03

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Name: Vanitas
Race: Unversed

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