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Roxas: XIII The Key of Destiny

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Roxas: XIII The Key of Destiny

Post by Roxas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 2:42 pm

Name: Roxas

Nickname: XIII, The Key of Destiny, Sora

Organization XIII Nickname: XIII, The Key of Destiny

 Gender: Male

Species: Nobody

Position: XIIIth Member

Durable - 5
Speed - 5
Swordsmanship - 4
Strength - 3 
Endurance - 4

Stubborn - 4
Hot headed - 4 
Cocky - 5
Aggressive - 5

Enhanced Strength - Roxas has exhibited a high amount of strength often overwhelming opponents
Enhanced Speed - He has a extraordinary amount of speed. He himself doesn't know where this comes from.
Enhanced Durability - Showing h he is more durable than most in the many battles he has been in
Master Level Swordsmanship - When ot comes to using a Blade Roxas' s talents are unparalleled to many.
Connection to Sora & Ventus - Being the nobody of Sora who has the heart of Ventus within him he has a connection to them through the memories of both as well as heart of both.



What he normally wears

Casual Wear

Original World: The World That Never Was

Current World: Twilight Town

History: Will be rewritten but for the original story click this sentence.


XIII. The Key of Destiny
XIII. The Key of Destiny

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Age : 24

Card Deck
Name: Roxas
Race: Nobody

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