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Heartless: Hunter of the Dark

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Heartless: Hunter of the Dark

Post by Vanitas on Thu Jul 04, 2013 5:35 pm

Name: Hunter of the Dark
Species: Pureblood Heartless
Residing World: Realm of Darkness
Tier Level: Four
Power Level: 525

Magic, Claws, Tail, Body


  • Claw Swipes: The creature fast swipes with its claws.
  • Tail Whip: The Heartless spins around, hitting Aqua with its tail.
  • Buzz Saw: The unnamed Heartless performs a damaging midair flip.
  • Fire Charge: The Heartless emerges from the shadows and charges at the opponent leaving a trail of flames in its wake.
  • Shadow Bomb: It shoots orbs of dark energy which, after a few seconds delay, expand into damaging force fields.
  • Mega Flare: The unnamed Heartless shoots a large fireball.
  • Illusion Spin: The creature spins at a blindingly high speed around the outskirts of the battlefield, using four of its after-images to charge the opponent, before pouncing from above and into the center of the area, creating a damaging shockwave.
  • Illusion Slash: Each of the Heartless's after-images attack with their claws.

It has a dark purple and black body with dark magenta spikes running down its back, as well as a "mane" of dark magenta tentacles around its head. Its tail has a dark magenta tip and it sports four purple claws on each of its four legs. The most distinctive feature of the unnamed Heartless are its yellow eyes, which occasionally glow red. The Heartless also sports a jagged mouth, blue markings on its face and body, and chains around its forelegs. Its body is rather long and thin and, despite its massive size, the Heartless moves quite quickly.

The Heartless is able to cloak itself in darkness, obscuring almost all of its features except for its glowing eyes, which shine bright red. The Heartless's eyes seem to be able to zoom in on what the Heartless is looking at, and give things a very faint red tint. Glowing red veins are present around the sides of the Heartless's field of vision. The Heartless frequently creates disorienting after-images of itself as it moves, including red, green, and purple versions of itself.

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