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Heartless: Parasite cage

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Heartless: Parasite cage

Post by Teldranis on Sat Jul 06, 2013 5:27 am

Name: Parasite Cage
Species: Emblem Heartless
Residing World: Monstro

Weapons: Tentacles

Stomach Acid: In which the appendages' mandibles absorb stomach acid from Monstro's stomach and the head fired it as a poisonous gas; best avoided on the ground
Swing: In which the appendages mount themselves on the ground and the cage swings into the air; best avoided to the side

Bio: The Parasite Cage's main body is a large, magenta blob with glowing yellow eyes and thin, rounded teeth that resemble prison bars. This body rests on a flower-like base that is violet and aquamarine. A much smaller pink head rests on top of the main one. This second head sports a jagged mouth, glowing yellow eyes, two short, dark purple spikes under its mouth, and a curled, magenta antenna on its head. Two long, aquamarine tentacles sprout from either side of the second head and end in violet "hands" with three fingers, each with a dark purple spike on it. Its Heartless emblem is between its eyes.
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