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The Story's Beginning

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The Story's Beginning

Post by Xemnas on Mon Jul 08, 2013 2:03 am

It is three years after the keyblade masters, Xehanort and Eraqus, mysteriously disappeared, their apprentices seemingly vanished. Ansem the Wise is also missing as Hollow Bastion, formerly known as Radiant Gardens, is besieged by creatures of shadow lead by an evil fairy.

A strange force is moving across the stars, destroying the World Barriers one after another as the Heartless swarm across the worlds for the first time in millenia. Entire worlds are disappearing, one by one, for reasons unknown. Traverse Town shows more and more refugees with each passing day of this hidden war.

The time of salvation is arriving swiftly, as the remaining Keyblade Wielders must take up arms and protect the Realm of Light once more. It is a time when even those who were never meant to fight must defend themselves from the consuming Darkness. The Heartless and beings of nothingness stand in their way as unceasing legions, desiring to destroy all that is light. Dark days await everyone, but do not lose hope...

Beyond the horizon, a new day is dawning still, unabated by the eternal twilight of the abyss.

How will the future unfold over the course of unending time?
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Re: The Story's Beginning

Post by Jaixe on Wed Apr 23, 2014 5:52 pm

It should be noted that this story will deviate greatly from canon as certain events progress. Canon characters will still make appearances, but we won't be going with the canon storyline. We might even nix details as we need to to make sure our stories work properly and it all flows nicely together.

The canon history that has been provided up to the point provided above, (3 years after Birth by Sleep to be exact), is generally true until we provide more details to say otherwise.
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