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Heartless: Lightless Siren

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Heartless: Lightless Siren

Post by Jaixe on Tue Apr 29, 2014 2:27 pm

Name: Lightless Siren
Species: Emblem
Residing World:
Halloween Town, Traverse Town, Hollow Bastion, Keyblade Graveyard, End of the World

Power Level: 120 EXP
Tier Level: Two

Mark-MrHiDE-Patten Deviantart Page

Oversized Sharpened Claws (Hands and Feet)
Sharp Shadow-Energy Wings

Starless Gaze: The Heartless stares into the eyes of her victim and, so long as they are within three meters of the Heartless, the eyes flare up and flash a golden color. This flash blinds the victim and steals away their sight, literally taking the light out of their eyes, for three posts. This ability cannot be reused for four.

Silent Cry: The Heartless screeches with a high-pitched sound, creating pools of darkness around her in which Shadows strike up from. The Shadows can claw or even hold the victim in place if they step on them, and there are around ten of them within a ten-meter area around the Heartless that called them into place. This ability lasts for four posts, and cannot be reused for six.

Fury: The Heartless sprints forth and claws at a target at a blinding speed, leaving shadowy afterimages in its wake. The sprint has a limited range, but it unleashes a small wave of dark energy at the target if the claws happened to miss. It is able to be quickly reused and can be done in mid-glide.


The Siren is a rather strange Heartless found in groups of two. While not potently strong, its gaze can blind their victims while their cries call for Shadows to tear them apart. Their ability to glide, and their claws and sprinting ability as well, make them lethal in a frontal assault, but they aren't particularly fast or strong otherwise. They are tough to deal with in groups, especially when combined with other strong Heartless, but by themselves, they are sub-par combatants.
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